Educational childcare solution in Wylie, TX

When you’re looking for a reliable childcare solution in Wylie, TX ¬†look no further than Liberty Private School. We’re here to ensure that your child receives a valuable and enriching learning experience. We know how important your child is to you. Your child is important to us as well. Let us be there for your child while you are away.

Childcare You Can Count On
At Liberty Private School, we want to become a second home for your child and family. Our highly trained, hands-on staff is hired with a passion and commitment to caring for your child. With our unique, Watch Me Grow program that provides you direct access to your child’s classroom throughout their educational learning, we are partnering with you to ensure your child is well cared for. At Liberty Private School, we want to be a place you can count on that brings comfort and joy to your child’s life and yours.

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A Nurturing and Educational Environment

At Liberty Private School, we have exceptional standards for ourselves. While your child is in our care, we want you to rest assured that that your child is being cared for socially, emotionally, physically as well as developmentally. Through of carefully hand-selected curriculum and Reggio Emilia Philosophy we believe the best way to care for a child is through every facet possible. Through our hands on, interactive, sensory, play based learning methods; we believe this is the best way to reach every child with us. We partner with you to ensure that your child is cared for in every way. 

We Encourage a Lifetime Love of Learning

We want children to embrace their natural curiosities. We’ve built an entire curriculum around this mission. We ask children to explore, question, create, communicate, interact, think, problem solve, reason and develop self esteem. Children are naturally investigative, and we like to encourage this characteristic to support the building blocks for future learning opportunities.